Soft Sculpture Reliefs, 1977

Each of these images portrays a half—forgotten memory, an archetypal memory which we tend to forget in our daily entanglements.

My work responds to a basic inner need of the human psyche; a need for the mysterious, the unreasonable, the unsolvable, even the fearful. My benign beasties are a way of satisfying this need with inwardly recognizable images. The viewer should experience these worlds but bring his own magic, while looking within himself, into my art.

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Manhattan, 1977

Vol. 8 • No.27 — November 11, 1977


xp3-dot-us_Newspaper1977-OurTownThroughout the shadowy eons of human existence, there have always been men and women committed to the communication of the inexplicable. They have chosen to devote themselves to literature, philosophy, science, music, and art. It is not difficult, however, to comprehend why people from diversified cultures, ideologies, and backgrounds respond to the medium of art, in all its variances, to represent the fantasy world we all share.

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Statement, 1978

Most of my works are concerned with inner frontiers, with the unfathomable, with new growing awareness of man’s relationship to a larger, all-encompassing reality and to his or her part in this reality.

In many of the pieces I hope to lead the viewer into this inner reality by forming a bridge between the different worlds – the world of the intellect and the world of the intuitive mind.

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